“Sexual energy…is more a function of health than age.”

A Special Message from Karen Giblin

Sex can be pleasurable, no matter what your age!! One very important ingredient to achieving good sex is communication. Changes do occur as a result of normal aging in both men and women. This may cause a loss of sexual interest, especially if problems are not openly identified, discussed and treated.

Phil Parker stresses the importance of good communication while never underestimating the value of caressing, kissing, and understanding his wife’s (Grandma) feelings. He’s kept that magical spark in his relationship proving that it is possible to keep sex and passion alive in a long-term and also senior relationship.

Bonnie and Phil Parker are seniors. They are satisfied in bed, and satisfied in life!!! Grandpa Does Grandma is a landmark book; it will bring a smile to the faces of all people who are over the age of sixty. With sexual exuberance, Phil clearly demonstrates that excitement and enthusiasm can last forever.

This book offers insightful A-Z advice, solutions and tantalizing tips to seniors – encouraging couples that the sexual, passionate feelings they had when they were young can be maintained at any age. It is highly entertaining, informative, providing wit, wisdom, as well as a positive spin to sex in one’s golden years. Grandpa Does Grandma offers steamy suggestions that certainly will supercharge the sex lives of seniors!!!

Karen Giblin
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