“Sexual energy…is more a function of health than age.”

Grandpa Does Grandma

Grandpa Does Grandma: The ABCs of Senior Sex is a sexual romp through the alphabet and is about a sexual sunrise in our golden years. Itʼs about acknowledging and confirming that weʼre never too old to enjoy our bodies and the pleasure we derive from exploring and fulfilling one another. Itʼs coming to the realization that as we age, intercourse and orgasm have become less important in our quest for sexual gratification and that the absence of genital sex is not necessarily a tragic outcome. Grandpa Does Grandma is about reveling in what youʼve earned in respect, perseverance and taking pride in what youʼve accomplished by living well.

There are 77 million baby boomers who are now 64 years old, so don’t think for a second that when you hear loud banging sounds in the sky that it’s only thunder. It may be the bed boards banging as America’s seniors enjoy a healthy, warm and active sex life. Senior sex can be energetic, thrilling, sensual, disturbing and sometimes just plain weird.

There you have it. Whatever you learn and whatever you are willing to do to enrich, strengthen, and improve love and your love life, my hope for you is to have many rewarding years ahead to love, honor, and nurture each other. Remember: Grandma can also do Grandpa!