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“Sexual energy…

is more a function of health than age.”

There are 77 million baby boomers who are now 64 years old, so don’t think for a second that when you hear loud banging sounds in the sky that it’s only thunder. It may be the bed boards banging as America’s seniors enjoy a healthy, warm and active sex life. Senior sex can be energetic, thrilling, sensual, disturbing and sometimes just plain weird.

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What couples are saying about Grandpa Does Grandma:

“It’s about time someone shared the realities and possibilities of senior sex.”

“Grandma doesn’t understand grandpa’s continuing need for sex anymore than grandpa understands grandma’s need for ongoing affection. Finally, Phil addresses the challenge.”

“Parker must have been hiding in my bedroom when he wrote Grandpa Does Grandma. What he says really works.”

“Grandpa Does Grandma gave me confidence to experiment with my wife.”

“Phil Parker takes a serious subject and presents it in a light hearted manner that makes it easy to read without losing his message.”

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