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The Best Present Ever!

Do you or your partner have a loose change jar on the dresser? Sexy Grandpa did at one time.  One day I noticed that he had 3 piles of coins set up in the following way – One nickel, one penny and one dime. Finding it curious, I asked him what were the piles all about. His reply follows: “As you know, every morning I get my coffee at Barnes & Nobel. The total with tax is $1.66. When I give the server $2 and $.16 she gives me back 2 quarters. I set up the piles to grab one on my way out.” My response, “Are you for real?” My husband’s response, “I’m efficient.”

So, of course you’re wondering, what does this have to do with the title of this blog? I happen to be at The Container Store one afternoon and as you may know, they have containers for EVERYTHING. I was roaming one of the aisles when I came across a lucite 4 compartment container. I thought – this would be a perfect gift for Sexy Grandpa so he could efficiently separate his change without having to dig into a jar of mixed coins. I have to say, the idea of gifting him this got me really excited. (I know, excited over this? YES!)

Not wanting to interfere with the jar he had already started, I went to the bank and got a roll of each coin – 1 for quarters, 1 for dimes, etc. I emptied the coins in the compartments, beautifully wrapped the container and gave the gift to my husband for his upcoming birthday. I honestly had trouble waiting 3 weeks, knowing that he would laugh, love and appreciate what I had done. And, I was not disappointed. I handed him the gift. I told him he would really, really love what I had carefully selected.

I wish you could’ve seen his face when the package got opened. For a moment, he didn’t quite get what I had done. Then, the light bulb went off! “Did you buy this to replace my coin piles?” Then Sexy Grandpa burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you did this! When did you come up with the idea? What a great present!”

The new set up is perfect for my efficient guy. Each day he grabs a nickel, a penny and dime before going on his way. And, empties the quarters when he returns. While it may seem like a simple and maybe ridiculous procedure, I smile every time I see the holder sitting on his dresser. Every now and then, surplus coins get rolled up and exchanged for bills. The compartments always have enough change necessary to meet his coffee purchases.

While to you, our faithful follower, this may not seem like The Best Present Ever, it really is! It lasts and lasts, makes us both smile for different reasons and represents another example of how we are always thinking of one another, doing something special for one another and keeping fun in our relationship! Just ask Sexy Grandpa and he will tell you the same thing!

Stay tuned. We are counting on you to keep us young at heart.

Sassy Grandma

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