“Sexual energy…is more a function of health than age.”


From the minute we enter the world we look for approval.

We expect it from our parents, grandparents, family and friends. As we become toddlers, we look for approval from our siblings and our playmates. As pre-teens, we want approval from our teachers, coaches, and everyone else. Throughout our difficult and challenging teen years we only want approval from our peers. During this stage we aren’t interested in what our parents or family think.

Suddenly, it happens. We become young adults. All of a sudden everyone wants to approve us. We get flooded with mail pre-approving us for almost everything. We are pre-approved for every credit card

imaginable. We get pre-approved for auto loans and home mortgages. We are even pre-approved for life insurance with no questions asked and no physical examination required!

All this pre-approval got me thinking. Have you ever been pre-approved for good health, happiness, great relationships, financial security, or success?

The fact is, in life there are many areas where pre-approval is not possible. You can’t be pre-approved for good health unless you make good choices. This means no smoking, choosing to monitor your eating habits, and a regular schedule of exercise.

What about happiness? Do you know anyone who has been pre-approved for happiness? You can’t buy happiness at your local shopping mall. It can’t be prescribed by your primary care physician. Happiness will not show up on your doorstep neatly wrapped in a UPS package. Happiness is found within you and is created by you.

Great relationships are built on respect and trust which each person earns. A successful marriage is built on mutual respect, honesty, commitment, intimacy, and shared goals and desires. No pre-approval possible.

Financial security is a choice we make. Check out your economic well being. Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Are you drowning in credit card debt? Plan for the future and begin to pay yourself first. Only you can pre-approve yourself for financial security.

What about success? No one other than you can pre-approve yourself for success. Success takes work. It is a mixture of desire, energy, attitude, courage, risk, imagination and vision. It is a reflection of your belief system. An unstoppable belief in yourself is the only way you can pre-approve yourself for success.

As we continue to journey through this New Year with new resolutions, new goals and renewed hope for the future, I’d like to pre-approve you for good health, prosperity and continuing happiness.

Stay Tuned…Sexy Grandpa