“Sexual energy…is more a function of health than age.”

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The late Jim Rohn, a business philosopher, once said, “The major value in your life is not what you get. It’s what you become.”

Values give us a “moral” compass. The Western value system is founded upon certain clear principles, which include fairness, honesty, truth, integrity, freedom, respect for others, equality and justice. Our political values include freedom of speech, equal justice before the law and democratic rights. Qualities like compassion, humility, tolerance and forgiveness also resonate within our value system.

You are most authentic and most alive when you reflect on and talk about what you value—that which has real meaning for you. You might say these are the core values that form the essence of your character. As such, they provide the rest of us with clues as to who you really are and what principles you stand for.

What you value may sometimes include the ordinary and often unnoticed, such as a beautiful sunset, a barefoot walk on wet grass, lovers holding hands, the soft skin of a newborn baby, blooming flowers and trees, and stimulating conversation and, of course, making love to Grandma.

Values also reflect the importance we impart to issues of principle. At the deepest level, they are issues over which you may give up your life rather than compromise. On the surface, however, they represent issues that you are most likely to get into arguments over, or even lose your job over.

When we live in harmony with our values, we tend to be happier and more content. Conversely, when we live our lives contrary to our basic values, we begin to experience dissatisfaction, depression and disillusionment. Each individual has his or her own value system. What is important to me may not be important to you. Either way, it is essential that we live our lives congruent with what we value.

I value and cherish my family, my relationships and of course my special relationship and love for Grandma. What do you value?

Stay in Touch…Sexy Grandpa

Reassuring Phone Calls

Early in our relationship and continuing throughout our marriage, Sexy Grandpa and I created an understanding around reassuring messages. Over the years, “Be safe”, “Call if you are running late” or “Touch base” during the day when we’re each out and about have become a valued and appreciated part of our growing, intimate relationship. When I know I’m not going to make it home when I originally thought I would, I call to let my husband know. Why would I want him to worry unnecessarily?   And, predictably I hear him say, “Thanks for letting me know and be safe.” Or, “Just be safe – I’ll be here when you get home.” “I love you.”

In our world, this small gesture is a big deal! It’s a reminder that we are loved. It’s a reminder that each other’s well-being is important to one another. It’s one of many opportunities we have to express how much value we place on loving communication and closeness.

Many years ago, and during a crippling snow storm, Sexy Grandpa was 20 minutes from home and called to tell me where he was, not to worry and that he’d be home soon. An hour later, no husband and no phone call. An hour and a half later, again, no husband and no phone call. Two hours slowly passed. I was frozen in panic. He didn’t answer my call. I didn’t receive one. I was absolutely petrified that something horrible had happened. How could 20 minutes turn into 2 hours?

When I finally heard the door open, I burst into appreciative tears. There was no, “Why didn’t you call me?” All I could think of is my overwhelming gratitude for his safety. Well, the explanation of what happened followed. First, phone battery died. Then just after we spoke, an overturned vehicle blocked the roadway he was on and no one could pass going in either direction. Sexy Grandpa knew I’d be absolutely frightened and there was nothing he could do at the time to easy my worry. The only thing he could control was to arrive home safely no matter how long that would take.

Even before this incident, we have always recognized the importance of reassuring phone calls. After this happened, we recommitted to keeping one another informed during delays, to touch base and to express love first and foremost in our conversations. This understanding has stood the test of time – 27+ years and a strong foundation to our enduring love.

I hope you, too, remember that reassurance is a key component to intimate relationships. May you never face the kind of uncertainty I did during that crippling snow storm.

Stay tuned. We’re counting on you to keep us stay young at heart.

Sassy Grandma




From the minute we enter the world we look for approval.

We expect it from our parents, grandparents, family and friends. As we become toddlers, we look for approval from our siblings and our playmates. As pre-teens, we want approval from our teachers, coaches, and everyone else. Throughout our difficult and challenging teen years we only want approval from our peers. During this stage we aren’t interested in what our parents or family think.

Suddenly, it happens. We become young adults. All of a sudden everyone wants to approve us. We get flooded with mail pre-approving us for almost everything. We are pre-approved for every credit card

imaginable. We get pre-approved for auto loans and home mortgages. We are even pre-approved for life insurance with no questions asked and no physical examination required!

All this pre-approval got me thinking. Have you ever been pre-approved for good health, happiness, great relationships, financial security, or success?

The fact is, in life there are many areas where pre-approval is not possible. You can’t be pre-approved for good health unless you make good choices. This means no smoking, choosing to monitor your eating habits, and a regular schedule of exercise.

What about happiness? Do you know anyone who has been pre-approved for happiness? You can’t buy happiness at your local shopping mall. It can’t be prescribed by your primary care physician. Happiness will not show up on your doorstep neatly wrapped in a UPS package. Happiness is found within you and is created by you.

Great relationships are built on respect and trust which each person earns. A successful marriage is built on mutual respect, honesty, commitment, intimacy, and shared goals and desires. No pre-approval possible.

Financial security is a choice we make. Check out your economic well being. Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Are you drowning in credit card debt? Plan for the future and begin to pay yourself first. Only you can pre-approve yourself for financial security.

What about success? No one other than you can pre-approve yourself for success. Success takes work. It is a mixture of desire, energy, attitude, courage, risk, imagination and vision. It is a reflection of your belief system. An unstoppable belief in yourself is the only way you can pre-approve yourself for success.

As we continue to journey through this New Year with new resolutions, new goals and renewed hope for the future, I’d like to pre-approve you for good health, prosperity and continuing happiness.

Stay Tuned…Sexy Grandpa