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Romantic Grandpa

The two of us love watching the Hallmark Channel and when we do, we like to sit close together to enjoy one of their movies. Although the features are somewhat predictable, we still appreciate relief from all the violence and disruption in today’s world by watching a story with a happy ending.

I refuse to go to any theater where a violent movie is being featured. There is enough terror in real life without having to pay to watch this on the silver screen. (How often do we pick a movie only to have the 3-4 previews turn out to be just the kind of movies we are trying to avoid? This occurs all the time.) Sexy Grandpa teases me because my #1 film choice is often a ‘chick flick’; the truth be told, he’s quite the romantic and sheds a tear or two when the ending brings the actors lovingly together. We have fun together forecasting how a Hallmark movie will conclude and we are usually right.

The other day, I got to thinking about my husband’s romantic side and quickly realized how often it shows up or is expressed. Maybe the Hallmark movies are ‘rubbing off’ on him? Maybe, he’s just been romantic all along and I’m becoming more aware? Whatever the reason, I’m so grateful that Sexy Grandpa shows his softer side, is willing to be vulnerable and doesn’t let the macho man mystique override his gentle, loving nature.

Here are some examples: Leaving notes for me happens quite often. The other day, I baked one of his favorite recipes – banana bread. This particular one was a thank you gift for a neighbor. Anticipating that he’d take a slice when I wasn’t watching, I put the following note nearby: “Don’t even think about it!” Well, the note got replaced with “I did!” Maybe to you this doesn’t fit into the romantic category. For me, I smiled and knew that my initial note caused my husband to smile as well. Additionally, while I’m not really paying attention, Sexy Grandpa told me he loves to watch me undress and that alone ‘turns him on’. While, most women don’t consider themselves sexy changing clothes, I’m grateful to have a man who thinks that way! (I’ve even added spice every now and then when I sense he’s looking my way. Hey, why wouldn’t I knowing now how that makes him feel?)

Another example is something that gets verbalized daily. Sexy Grandpa will tell me – maybe when we’re watching TV or just getting cuddled in bed – “Have I told you today how much I love you?” Imagine hearing this every day? Can you imagine how romantic I feel hearing this wonderful and loving message? I make it a habit to exchange his question with mine: “If tomorrow never comes, do you know how much I love you?”

Being romantic with one another even after all these years continues to be an integral part of our intimate relationship. Whether it’s writing a note, gazing loving when the other is unsuspecting or not letting a day go by without expressing love, having Sexy Grandpa as my romantic partner is a treasured gift. I feel his heart and he feels mine. In our world, romance is alive and well. And, may it continue forever!

Stay tuned. We are counting on you to keep us young at heart.

Sassy Grandma


The Sock Drawer

Trust me.   You do want to read this blog regarding Sexy Grandpa and his addiction to fancy socks! It really is an addiction. I don’t think we ever go into a men’s store or the men’s department without him wanting to ‘check out’ the socks!

A few years ago, a blinding snow storm that hit the Northeast delayed my flight home 5 days. I was lucky because even though my conference was in Connecticut, the distance to NY City was within a reasonable commute and I got to spend 4 unexpected nights with my daughter and 3 grandsons! New Yorkers don’t stop for anything so the four of them did what they always do – work and school. Not only did I not have enough warm clothing, I had no intention of going out in the blistery weather. My daughter insisted, “How can you be in THE City and not go out to a museum or something?” My answer was the same. “I’m happy to have the apartment to myself – to relax and read. Will get dinner going.”

So, you’re thinking, what the hell does this have to do with socks? Stay with me! On previous visits, Sexy Grandpa and I loved browsing at a discount department store not far from my family’s apartment. Recalling the great sock selection they carried and a brand my husband loves, the day before I was scheduled to catch a flight, the snow had stopped, kids and daughter headed out as usual. I decided it would be a perfect time to venture out AND go by the department store. I grabbed my daughter’s extra pair of boots, a warm coat and scarf and went on my way.

I took the escalator to the 4th floor men’s department. Remembering exactly where the socks were located, I headed to that department. When I tell you, I found it easily and literally at least one hundred pairs of socks lined this huge wall. The colors looked beautiful and the designs amazing. I stood there overwhelmed at the array before me.   Just above the display was a great sign: All socks half off! Oh, my gosh! All $6 socks now on sale for $3. I couldn’t believe my good fortune – $3!

After some time, I picked out 6 pair. Now you may not think that’s a lot, however, Sexy Grandpa has an entire dresser drawer devoted just to his socks. I figured, this was a nice surprise, one that would make him smile and chose not to get carried away. In my 4 days in NY City, the only thing I bought were some groceries and 6 pairs of socks.

My husband was thrilled with my purchase and felt loved. (Oh, and I forgot to mention, I was caught in New York on a Valentine’s Day weekend.) We were both so happy I was safely home. When he went to put the socks away, guess what? Two of my selections were duplicates! Go figure. Last count, Sexy Grandpa now has 34 pairs tucked inside one another like a ball and 9 that haven’t been worn! I really don’t begrudge his sock addiction considering what mine is! (Which is considerably more expensive than his!) Stay tuned because I’m not going to tell you here. Promise will share another time. This blog is all about THE sock drawer. Hey, if it takes this to put a smile on Sexy Grandpa’s face, it’s worth it.

Stay tuned. We’re counting on you to keep us young at heart!

Sassy Grandma

My Cell Phone

Here’s the issue, plain and simple. I own a Samsung, Galaxy S-6. Is this the phone I wanted? No. Do I need this fancy phone with dozens of apps? No. Do I talk to it? No. Do I want to? No. OK, you’re thinking – then why the heck (he–) did you buy it? Answer: Sexy Grandpa! Yes, Sexy Grandpa!

HE decided that I was living in the dark ages with my flip phone. I was fine with it. Well, when it died, and it did, we went to Verizon together to consider the options. And, a flip phone was not one of them! The sales clerk informed me that I would love the new technology and that I’d never look back. In fact, she reassured me that once I got used to all the bells and whistles, I’d wonder why I waited so long. Well, as of now, nothing she ‘predicted’ has happened! I find I use this fancy equipment mostly for a few reasons – email, phone calls, contact list, the time, occasional website visits and fitbit stats! I forget to post dates in the calendar. I’ve yet to check weather or traffic on my phone. And, all the apps with all the games and convenient ‘data’ available with a tap on the screen simply is of no interest. All the icons on the ‘home page’ actually overwhelm me.

I guess my resistance also is a reflection of what I see Sexy Grandpa doing. If he’s not checking sports scores, texting his son (none of the kids call anymore), opening emails when he hears a ding noise or taking to Siri, we actually might be doing something together. I find the modern phone an intrusion. Sexy Grandpa’s connections seems so often to replace our real time TOGETHER with what’s going on with his iPhone. Who cares? Why is this immediacy to secure information important? Why can’t checking in on a phone wait?

And, of course, my husband is in the majority. Cell phone activity seems to consume owners everywhere – gym, restaurants, walking on the street, movie theaters and really any time someone is out and about. Am I being resistant? Am I choosing to not get sucked into the very thing I find annoying when I view others always on their phones? Do I not have a ‘need to know’ by always plugging in when the need arises? Have I ever missed a birthday, appointment or any scheduled event? (Not that I’m aware of!)

Believe me, the phone is convenient and I wear it when I’m away from home. Am I attached? No. Am I content with limited use? Yes. Do I miss my flip phone? No. That doesn’t mean I’m thrilled with this purchase. It simply means that my Samsung is a phone. It is not my life or my life line. As long as I can connect when I need to, I’m fine. Maybe I am in the minority. At my age, I suspect many of my generation find current technology overwhelming as well. If not, oh, well. I smile when Papa Phil, aka, Sexy Grandpa, facetimes our grandkids. I’m glad when he finds an alternative route to a horrible traffic tie up. I’m happiest, however, when his phone is nowhere in sight and it’s just the two of us! So, that’s the story! Stay tuned.   We’re counting on you to keep us young at heart!

Sassy Grandma